Sukandar Kartadinata

is a guitarist and instrument builder.

Educated in classical playing techniques but leaning towards electric guitar, he had no choice but to build himself a custom nylon-string solidbody back in the early 90s, an instrument he still plays today.

His musical style turned from Art Rock to Jazz Funk to Free Improv, with an emphasis on experimental playing styles and the varying use of electronic gear, in particular sensor control and the spatialization of sound.

His main current projects are the guitar-trumpet duos Ganzfeld and IMD. The former focuses on sonically activating a given space thru the use of transducers. The latter aims to achieve a balance between acoustic sounds and sensor-controlled realtime processing.

A third duo is the long-time collaboration with pianist/composer Reinhold Friedl in the Neo-Bechstein project, that centers around the multi-channel amplification and spatialization of  a vintage electric grand piano. While performances have become rare, a CD has recently been released.

Kartadinata has also long helped other musicians and artists with their technological needs. This work is documented on